Ateneo della Pizza is a company that originated 10 years ago. Its main objectives are the preservation, the strengthening and the propaganda of pizza-making knowledge all over the world.

Traditional Italian Pizza is more than a simple and easy food: the Ateneo knows the secret of how to make a perfect pizza, delicious and easily digested.

Our passion will be your passion!


Our highly qualified teachers will give theorical and practical lessons to all participants with a method that is both quick and effective. Their task is to train you for the best: this is why they pay a special attention to each participant in order to give him the opportunity to become a professional pizza maker.

If you need additional assistance our staff is always ready to meet your needs and available 24 hours a day to help you with any kind of question you may have.

We are all here to form new talents.


Our clients rate us “Excellent” on overall quality of pizza training-courses and services. There are many reasons why: we build lifetime customer relationships, we are always ready to meet your needs and, finally, we have a high reputation.