Marostica is part of the inner circle of the minor medieval towns and villages of Italy: it is a small town and the only way to enjoy your visit is by foot.

Therefore the best thing is to park your car outside the middle ages castle walls which embrace the historical center. There are many parking lots available. As in many european medieval towns and villages, you enter the old town walking through an ancient gate (in Marostica there are 4 gates.).

What to see:


Piazza degli scacchi (Chess Boars Square) very easily recognizable for the huge white and pinkish chessboard paved with Asiago stone.

The Piazza degli scacchi is famous worldwide for the chess game with living pawns (people and horses) taking place every two years in September.


As soon as you enter Porta Castello, you will see on your left the lower castle, which stands out for its majestic keep. It’s a typical example of a military fortress, common in many european medieval towns and villages.

Today the lower castle is the seat of the city government. Inside there is a museum with all the costumes worn for the chess game reeanactment, and the weapons from that era.

On low castle ground level there is the Tourist Information Office, with a lot of multi-language brochures about Marostica and other Veneto medieval towns and villages, plus much more of the tips on things to see and do.


Most of the upper castle was devastated in 1510 but it is really worth seeing it.

Once at the top of the hill you will enjoy a wonderful sight both soutwards on the plain and northward on the Asiago plateau, another pearl that you cannot miss if you love nature and pristine landscapes.

You can reach the upper manor by car, by taking the road on the northern side of the hill or you can go by foot. The trail, called Sentiero dei Carmini (Carmini trail), climbs up in the sunny southern part of the hill, the one visible from the square. The round trip will take you about 1,30-2 hours.

So let’s begin the walk to the upper castle!