Premium Course


52 hours

9 days

8 hours for 5 days (Monday to Friday): morning: 8:00-12:00 + afternoon: 13:00-17:00

6 hours for 2 days (Saturday and Sunday): morning: 9:00-12:00 + afternoon: 13:00-16:00


The aim of the course is teaching how to make a Pizza from A to Z and also how to make deep-dish pizza. Premium course allows you to enrich what you learn from basic course: deep-dish pizza is a booming product nowadays. Why not learn how to realize it? You can carry out a typical italian product to your country with success!

The course involves both theory and practice.

Theory: 44 hours

Practice: 8 hours

Theory means that you will study:

–       History of Pizza

–       Food properties

–       Ingredients and their properties: water, yeast, flour, salt, fats, oil, mozzarella, tomato

–       Chemical processes of dough mixing and related techniques

–       Types of oven and their use

–       Preservation and conservation of ingredients

–       Equipment safety and maintenance

–       Hygienic and sanitary regulations

During practical lessons you will learn:

–       how to realize the different doughs,

–       how to make little balls from the mixture (a process better known as “parcelling”)

–       how to use the oven  and other equipment

–       how to spread, to stuff and to cook a delicious pizza (basic pizza and deep-dish pizza)

–       how to manage orders (which is very important because it gives the pizza-maker an added value to his work regarding his relationship with customers)

We will also pay attention to eventual individual issues by going into more depth through short but very clear explanations. In this way the teacher lets students self motivate and enable them to reach an excellent level of knowledge.


At the end of the course each participant will receive a Certificate of Attendance after having done a final test. “Ateneo della Pizza” Certificate is internationally recognized and allows you to run with success an activity. If you want to open a pizza-restaurant or simply work in a pizzeria you found the right address.


“Ateneo della Pizza” will provide students the following material:

– Ingredients

– Teaching materials (book, etc…)

– Uniforms

– Availability of school professional equipment

– All necessary technical documentation